Created and Directed by
Hideo Kojima

The 2021 Vidya Gaem Awards
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2021 Vidya Gaem Awards
IP Twist Award
for best new implementation of an old franchise
It takes forever to get the Morph Ball now. What a grand revamp of the formula.

Metroid Dread
MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD

Travis may only have one beam katana now, but he's got more moves and a bowl full of chips to power up with.

No More Heroes III
Grasshopper Manufacture

Single player has enough new variety, but the real fun is pissing off others in multiplayer.

WarioWare: Get It Together!
Nintendo EPD, Intelligent Systems

Who knew all you needed to refresh the series was a really fun to use grappling hook?

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Some might just call it SMT3-2, but Magatsushi skills, Miracles, and Essences help give Glory to this new entry.

Shin Megami Tensei V

Take what casuals imagine RE4 to be like, make it an FPS like 7, and profit!

Resident Evil VIllage

So this is where all the graphic designers for pokemon went.

New Pokémon Snap

The new customization in this is pretty impressive, and it has swimming animations that don't look like shit!

Tales of Arise
Bandai Namco Studios

Damn, can't believe all they needed to mix shit up was to nerf levitation.

Psychonauts 2
Double Fine

It isn't GGX4, and that's a good(?) thing!

Guilty Gear -STRIVE-
Arc System Works

This AoE2 expansion looks amazing...

Age of Empires IV
Relic Entertainment, World's Edge

If you thought controlling 2 characters simultaneously was a rush, you're in for 3 times the thrills.

NEO: The World Ends With You
Square Enix Creative Business Unit I, h.a.n.d.

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