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The 2021 Vidya Gaem Awards
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2021 Vidya Gaem Awards
Hate Machine Award
for crimes against gaming
0 bobux :(

Exploiting children for fun and profit

They're on a pile of Red Dead and GTA Online money and can't be assed to care

Rockstar Games
Not just the GTA Trilogy

Stay mad

Beating a dead horse

Imagine naming your farm studio "Grove Street" and that's the most thought you put into remastering your most iconic games

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition
Still delisted from Steam

Your graphics card was shipped to some fintech shlub in Wisconsin to download and manage his monkey images

DLC and lootboxes just weren't greedy enough

Oh so Switch Online is a flop and NOW you're upset? I seem to recall you nintentoddlers gushing over Sephiroth not too long ago...

It's official: Nobody knows how to emulate the N64

Coming back to reclaim the Golden Poo

RIP Titanfall

Sorry, anon, but your Far Cry is in another storefront

Modern shitty cashgrab practices

They crossed the line into human rights abuse by banning femboys

Hating vidya since 1945

Maybe invest in delivering a good service instead of buying everyone free games

Epic Games Store
Finally got a shopping cart

Whatever we put in this box, news will soon drop of something worse

Activision-Blizzard / Bobby Kotick
Raping their fanbase and employees

This award also won: Worst Flavor Text

The Game Awards
A 3-hour commercial

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