Awards and Nominations

Most Hated Award
for most hated game of the year
Least Worst Award
for least worst game of the year
IP Twist Award
for best new implementation of an old franchise
Vib-Ribbon Award
for best soundtrack
"Hello, Fellow Posters" Award
for most blatantly promoted video game product
Plot and Backstory Award
for best representation of women
Billy Herrington Award
for best representation of men
for best visual aesthetics
Visual Award is My Passion
for worst visual aesthetics
Absolute State of Play
for biggest technical blunder
/v/irgin Award
for best new IP
Tom Clancy Award
for best writing
Almost Shakespearean Award
for worst writing
Guilty Pleasure Award
for the game I like but /v/ hates
Kamige Award
for Best Eroge
Dick Kickem Award
for Best Character
Scrappy Doo Award
for Worst Character
Diamond in the Rough Award
for best game that nobody played
for most pretentious indie game
Haptic Feedback Award
for best gameplay
Press X To Win The Award
for worst gameplay
/vr/ Award
for Best Video Game of 1991
The Most Interesting Thing of 2001
for Best Video Game of 2001
Redemption Arc Award
for biggest redemption in gaming
Hate Machine Award
for crimes against gaming
Please Be Good Award
for most anticipated game of 2022 and beyond
LAN Party Award
for best multiplayer of 2021
Dance in the Pale Moonlight Award
for best boss fight of all time
Initial /v/ Award
for best vehicle in a video game of all time
Horse Armor Award
for best DLC/update released this year
Name a More Iconic Duo Award
for most iconic video game duo of all time
/ck/ Award
for best food item in a video game of all time